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Back in October I traveled to Chicago to attend the Design Chicago 2009 which was a series of seminars and special keynote speakers. When I say keynote, I mean KEYNOTE, such as Barbara Barry, Daryl Carter, Barclay Butera, Matthew Smyth which I enjoyed immensely. Part of the reason for my visit was to obtain my CEU’s for ASID. One of the CEUs believe it or not was How to Dress a Beautiful Bed hosted by the Ruggeri Gallery Home Showroom in the Mart that carries the Peacock Alley bedding line. After the seminar we were invited back to the showroom and there is where I found the most wonderful product…Linen Wash and Towel Wash. It work beautifully and it’s fragrance is heavenly. I especially like the towel wash fragrance.

linenwash towelwash

I’m partial to white towels, matter in fact, if you’re ever a guest at my house you’ll see that the only color of towel that I own is white. I also like them to be bright white and soft, I’m not a fan of harsh chemicals so I don’t bleach neither do I use fabric softener. This product does just that, it keeps the towels white and soft. In the past I have had to replace the white towels often because the cotton does oxidize and they become a dingy white, which is why I don’t spend a lot of money on towels but this product makes an inexpensive towel even better. In the past, I’ve purchased my towels at Costco, they have this great deal on Martex towels which are 6 towels for $19.99 that’s not a typo…20 bucks for 6 towels. I just looked at the Costco website and they don’t list them on the site but they might be in the store.

P.S. The Martex hand towels and washcloths are equally nice and inexpensive.

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  1. We are on the same page sister! I only ever buy white towels and I love them to have a textured pattern on them as well. I do the same with my clients (unless it's a powder room)!!


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