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I want to start this post by stating that I am not a DIYer. I have people, top notch people that I have worked with for several years that complete my client projects and most of my projects. I say most because on occasion, I get a wild hair and will try my hand at something, usually when I do this, its either because I’m experimenting and I’m not sure that I’m going to like the outcome (this way I can adjust mid project if needed) or I’m simply being impatient. Like this past summer when I decided one Saturday morning that I wanted to paint the exterior of my studio and three different clients just happened to drive by while I was painting. One even yelled out the window, “hey don’t you have people that do that for you:?? A little awkward but absolutely hilarious!!!

OR the other task I will try on occasion, is sewing. After 12 years of home economics and the “sewing badge” to be my first earned as a Girl Scout, I get the urge to sew something. It’s usually a pillow or a tablecloth, Christmas stocking or Christmas Tree skirt. Once in this house I did make drapery panels, lined and interlined, which I will never do again, because my workroom does a much better job, plus it took me twice as long because I did a prototype first.

Anyway, now that I’ve said that, I’m planning on doing a little freshening up/ finishing up a few projects here at home. My first one is to swap out the pillows on my sofa. I’m going to remove the back pillows and replace them with 3 30” x 30” and 2 24” x 24” down filled pillows and a small lumbar in the center.

First Project:

Here’s the before picture:


Keep in mind that I’m freshening up with pillows, I love these colors and will maintain that scheme in my great room for now. This is also something that I encourage my clients to do, after a while or seasonally, it’s time to freshen the room with new pillow covers. I purchased the above accent pillow covers a few years ago in a shop in Saint Germaine in the 6th arrondissement of Paris France. While I have truly enjoyed them they are starting to show wear.

I just purchased this pillow and will use it as an inspiration piece. delancey-lime-cushion-main Designers Guild Delancey – Lime

Here are some of my optional coordinates:

Varese1190-49 aqua

Designers Guild Varese Color Aqua – a fabulous velvet!


Designers Guild – Tsuga – love the shimmer!

fabric-marienlyst-fuchsia F142902

Designers Guild Marienlyst in Fuchsia

marienlyst F142906 leaf

Designers Guild Marienlyst in Leaf – which I’m totally a sucker for anything green!

Marakesh Collection tangerine

Highland Court’s Marrakesh Collection in Tangerine

Marakesh Collection Aqua

Highland Court’s Marrakesh Collection in Aqua

Once I’ve settled on the fabrics I’ll work on the trims. .

Second Project:


This is a chair in my great room, pretty but I feel that it lacks interest…I usually have a pillow on it but it doesn’t seem to be enough, I think it needs a little perking up. Maybe it’s the pillow that I just purchased above from Designers Guild? Or I may add some decorative tape to the back and seat cushion or reupholster it altogether. Stay tuned….

Third Project:

Here is a picture of my dining room, it has not always been a dining room, first it was an office, which I quickly grew out of it. Since my home does not have a dining room per se’, which I very much have missed, recently I decided to transform this room into one. Although it is small, believe it or not it accommodates eight very cozily, and there is nothing better than hanging out with 8 of my closest friends enjoying delicious food, a decadent bottle of wine and fabulous conversation!! The room still needs tweaking…it looks like an office turned dining room. Not that I have an issue with rooms that are dual purpose dining /office, I just don’t want one.

Before picture of dining room:

Dining Room 2

Before picture of dining room ceiling: Dining Room 1

I’m particularly troubled by the ceiling its boring and the trim lacks interest too. I have selected a couple of Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics colors for the trim and ceiling.

RL Bronze Statue RM 40

RL Great Hall Cream RM 29

Trim: Bronze Statue RM 40 Ceiling: Great Hall Cream RM20

Admittedly, not the best images of the paint selections but if you stop by your nearest Home Depot you’ll see for yourself. Check back in February for the finished project update.


  1. Very interesting Sandra. Beautiful choices, can't wait to see the finished project.
    I can't imagine improving on anything in your home,it is so lovely.
    Really enjoying your blog.


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