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Recall that I was freshening up the look of my sofa by adding new pillows.  This is the latest, and since I’m faxing the P.O. s for the fabrics tomorrow, I’m confident in my selections. 

Here’s the before picture of the sofa:


This was the inspiration:



This is what I’ve decided on:

Three large pillows 30” x 30” across the back of the sofa (replacing the current back cushions).  Plus I’m having the face fabric of the pillow diamond quilted and leaving the back the plain velvet. 

 Varese1190-49 aquaDesigner’s Guild:  Varese Ruggiero in Aqua

Then I’m going to have one 24” x 24” pillow made from this and banded in a tangerine solid silk:

Scan_Pic0003 Manuel Canovas:  Byzance  in Quartz

(note that my scan looks more lavender it truly a pale pink)


And the one 24” x 24” pillow made from this very cool new intro from Brunschwig & Fils

Scan_Pic0004Brunschwig & Fils: Chevron Bar Silk in Blossom  (it comes in several beautiful colors)

And then for a little added pizzazz I’m going to do one small pillow in this banded in either aqua or pink:

Scan_Pic0005Kravet : Hejira – 816 from the Candice Olsen Collection

Of course I’ve been thinking, I can sew these, but now that I’ve decided on the fabrics I’m going to want them asap, which means they’re probably going to my workroom :). 

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  1. I'm loving where you're going with this! Thanks so much for your recent lighting recommendations. I really love so many of their products!


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