A little Crazy Around Here…

As I’m sure you noticed, I took a brief hiatus from blogging.  It was just a little crazy around here, 2010 started off with a bang, seven  new client projects (which pushed my home projects totally to the back burner), my soon to be open home furnishings boutique, plus the online site targeted for May and most recently I’ve started designing an exclusive upholstery line for the afore mentioned new boutique INSTINCTIVE INTERIORS, at home.  I know what you’re thinking, that was the perfect time to be chatting online about all that’s happening, but there just wasn’t any extra time, and I do require sleep to function.  Plus anyone who knows me well will tell you that I’m an all or nothing personality, I either do it all with GUSTO or nothing, there was no time for blog GUSTO, so ya got nothingOK enough about that…

Many exciting things are happening so to jump back in, I thought I’d share with you a sampling of the products that will be featured in  the boutique.

89404[1]Polished Nickel and Glass Chandelier

35”H x 28” D

Even those who claim, they don’t want a “crystal chandelier” they see this one and immediately admire the sleek sophisticated lines, the crystal (although it’s really glass) and the fact that it’s not too fussy.   Not that there’s anything wrong with fussy, but there is if you don’t like fussy.

 5228m Rusted Silver X Console Table

Rusted Silver X Leg Table

33H 38W 20D

This is a favorite table, equally beautiful next to a sofa, as a nightstand or at the end of a hallway.

3080 Sherwood Iron - Glass Table

Sherwood Iron and Glass Side Table

20H  14.5D

The perfect chair side table for a drink, plate, or book.  Small enough to fit in the corner of a powder room to hold a box of tissue, hand lotion and a candle.  

363-29 Entry Table

Entry Table

30H  48D

Simply the most beautiful entry table you will ever see.  It’s a CLASSIC.  Of course, it’s breathtaking in an entry, but is equally gorgeous placed in the center of a long room piled high with favorite books, sculpture, and flowers. Cool looking in a bar to hold hor d’oeuvres and drinks. Magnificent!!


4057 Gilt Twist Rectangular Table

Gilt Twist Rectangular Table

44W  21D 18H

A Simple and elegant cocktail table, perfectly scaled.

Marlene Floor Lamp

Marlene Floor Lamp

61.75H 19D

I’m a little partial to this lamp because my mother planned to name me Marlene’, and of course, as a child you always want a different name than the one you’re given.   And then it’s heightened if the child (ME) meets her teenage cousin’s girlfriend who’s really cool, very beautiful, and sooo kind, and guess what her name is…Marlene’!  Then you really want that name!!!   Aside from all of that, it is a beautiful lamp and I’m so excited to offer it at the boutique :-)!!


4097 Circe Bench

Circe Bench

23” square 21H

With it’s classic Greek key detail this would be lovely in pairs in front of a fireplace; tucked in the corner of a powder room for women to place their purses on; next to a tub with a fluffy stack of towels, in a dressing area or closet. Also ideal for a small foyer or in pairs for a large foyer.

9032 Tapestry Lantern

Tapestry Lantern

14” square 29H

For those who like a little fussiness.  I’m a sucker for anything with a vermicelli pattern.


Side Chair 34w 36d 37h

Lounge Chair

34W 36D 37H


 Sofa 86w 39d 37h


86W 39D 37H

2644m Everett Wood and Iron Table

Everett Wood and Iron Table

23D 26H

Bamboo Floor Lamp 52.5 H  17W

Bamboo Floor Lamp

52.5H 17D

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak!  It feels great to be back in the blogging community, because not only did I not have time to write, I didn’t have time to read any either, its like coming home again!! 

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