THE LIST ~ 20 Must Have Designer Details: #1 Bed Linens

THE LIST my 20 must have design details, elements that I'm drawn to and include in my projects, stop by periodically and see what’s on THE LIST.

Perhaps it’s because I just returned from a week long vacation and while we had wonderful accommodations, I looked forward to sleeping in my own bed, is why I begin my 20 must have list, with the BED.

I love a beautifully made bed, I’m especially drawn to all white beds with just a dash of color, but I’m also crazy for a mixture of pattern and color. For me it depends on my mood and the season. I’m partial to a mix of textures, cotton sheets with a slight sheen, a quilted matelasse coverlet, linen shams, a few boudoir pillows, and a neatly folded down comforter at the foot of the bed. My ritual is to wash the sheets on Sundays in Linen Wash so that I begin the week with a fresh start.

Here are some of my must have bedding elements.


sheeting_isabella_350_299_general Isabella Sheets - Legacy Linens


Sumner with Ribbon Detail- Legacy Linens


Greek Key - Legacy Linens


Venezia Scroll - Legacy Linens

Matelasse Coverlets:

firenze350_1758_general Firenze Matelasse - Legacy Linens


Palm Beach - Legacy Linens


Whitney - Legacy Linens


Soho - Legacy Linens

Now taking these basic elements and add a splash of color…


Monaco - Legacy Linens

chic-steel_bed_350_591 Legacy

Chic Steel Legacy Linens

Ankasa Bonne Terre

Bonne Terre – Ankasa

Ankasa Chelsea

Chelsea – Ankasa

Ankasa Park City

Park City – Ankasa

ankasa upper east side

Upper East Side – Ankasa

Ankasa Chocolate Marrakech

Chocolate Marrakesh – Ankasa


Leontine Linens2009VirginieBlaise4HiLeontine Linens

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