Client Project: Lakes of Milford

I’ve started working with a new client this week, they are a young delightful couple, and they’ve chosen to begin with their great room. It is customary for me to request that the client look through magazines and put sticky notes on both the rooms and elements that they admire, as well as, things they dislike, which is equally beneficial.

It’s always interesting to discover how clients, who think they don’t have a “style” once they start perusing magazines and flagging room scenes and elements that they like they find that there is a common thread and consistency to what they admire.

The wife grew up in a home that was quite contemporary and those influences are in many of the furniture pieces that are existing in the home. The husband prefers a more traditional look and doesn’t want anything too dainty. We had such a great meeting last night with many ah ha moments and I’m so excited to get started on the project!!!

Here is the photo from House Beautiful that is our inspiration room, although they admire the monochromatic design of this room, they would like a few more pops of color. During our discussions yesterday we discovered that they like the visual texture of this room and would like fabrics that are tactile and soft in their design plan.

House Beautiful - Interior Design: Robert Brown Photography: James Merrell

Two other photos that they admired are of foyers shown below, see the common thread? 

arsl02_shushan[1]Architectural Digest - Interior Design: Marjorie Shushan Photography: Scott Frances


House Beautiful- Interior Design: Robert Brown Photography: James Merrell

I will be meeting with them in a couple weeks to present the design plan. I will post their presentation on the blog around the end of January. Stay tuned….. :)


  1. That is going to be a fun project! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. It's nice to meet you!

  2. It is a truly elegant space they have chosen as inspiration but I'm certain it will pale in comparison to their great room once you have finished working your magic on their space.
    Warm regards and very success with your project,


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