The List – # 3 Paddywax Candles

You just can’t beat the fragrance of Gardenia by Paddywax, hands down the most beautiful home fragrance, not too sweet, not too floral, just a beautiful romantic  fragrance.  Paddywax Luxe 20-Ounce Poured Glass Candle, GardeniaDefinitely don’t confuse this with the wretched fragrance of my youth, Jungle Gardenia.  This is by far is Paddywax’s biggest seller and has a cult following, one whiff and you’ll understand why! 

Runner’s up….Paddywax Luxe 20-Ounce Poured Glass Candle, Paperwhite

Ok…Paperwhite known more for it’s holiday presentation, but this fragrance is a beautiful trio of jasmine, fresh paperwhite and lily of the valley ( a childhood favorite, my mom always brings me a bouquet of Lilly of the Valley on Mother’s Day). 

Daffodil-Paddywax Candles - Luxe Collection

Daffodil, the name alone means SPRING.  Treat yourself to beautiful home fragrance, it ranks right up there with a new lipstick!!

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