I unapologetically love pretty.   Pretty music, pretty fabric, pretty flowers, pretty table settings, pretty furniture, pretty chandeliers, pretty art, pretty accessories, pretty anything!!!  I live prettily (yes, it’s a word I looked it up). I am not edgy, not earthy (although I care about the environment but earthy to me is a beautiful garden), not gauche, not excessive.  My design aesthetic is pretty.   It is also organized, tidy, comfortable, functional, timeless, classic, fresh and pretty.  In truth, I’m speaking of a  lifestyle of being kind to yourself, enjoying what you’ve worked hard for, creating and living in a home where you feel pampered regardless of budget. 

I ramble on about this, because I feel it is so important to live a pretty life.  I say this because this is something that I strive for with my clients.  We all live hectic lives, none of us are more busy than the other, really, it’s just a different type of busy.  So when I say I strive to have my clients to live a pretty life, I envision their day starting with the perfect beverage be it cup of coffee, tea, or fruit smoothie in a cup or glass that’s just the ideal size and feel in their hand, that they take the time to sit down in a comfortable dining chair and enjoy breakfast from a dish that they find pleasing to their eye. 

I also want my clients to have a soft comfortable, absorbent towel waiting for them after their shower.  Come home to a room that functions perfectly for them with comfortable upholstery, good lighting, a place to put their feet up and a spot for their “stuff”.  I desire for them, at the end of the day, to crawl into a bed that has soft sheeting and a coverlet with the perfect weight for the season.  Good lighting is key in the bedroom so that you can sneak in a few pages or chapters of your latest read. 

I find that when my surroundings are organized, comfortable and pleasing to my eye, I’m able to think more clearly, am more at ease and less stressed.  To me that’s living a pretty life!

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