THE LIST #6 Single Cushion Sofas

I adore single cushion sofas, recently I had my 2 over 2 seat sofa converted to a single cushion.  I added new pillows; see my choices from a previous post here.  I’ve included some of my other favorites. 


my sofa

You’ll notice if you click back to the previous post that I didn’t do a pillow in the Manual Canovas Byzance in Quartz.  I ordered it with the intention of making pillows it and they were so kind to send me a little extra yardage that I ended up covering a chair on the seat and inside back as shown here. 

Chair in Byzance in Quartz           back of chair

Inside: Manuel Canovas Byzance in Quartz     Outside: Chevron Bar Silk in Blossom

Sutton Sofa by Hickory Chair


Salon French Settee by Hickory Chair


Silhouettes  Serpentine Sofa by Hickory Chair

London Sofa

London Sofa


Sherrill 5259

5259 by Sherrill Upholstery


Sherrill 5260 

5260 by Sherrill Upholstery

DC 44

Dan Carithers for Sherrill Upholstery

Elinor Sofa by Hickory Chair


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