Spring 2011 High Point Market Finds

Here’s my top ten Spring 2011 High Point, North Carolina Market Finds.  It’s a mixture of furniture, art, and accessories selected for various reasons.    Take a look…

Iron Finial


Metal Finial that stands 38” high  16” wide and 16”deep which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  A fantastic accent in the garden, flanking the front entry on a pedestal or a pair on top of a bookcase.  A spectacular statement piece.


Slipper Chair(2)

Slipper Chair which comes covered in a natural linen as shown.  The dimensions of the chair are 26w 31h  25d.  Perfect accent for a bathroom, in the bedroom, closet, or a pair in front of a fireplace.  I especially liked the scale, the feminine lines with a little sexiness.  Reasonably priced too.

Triumphe Metal Outdoor Hanging Lantern with Wall Mount


An elegant outdoor lantern, what else is there to say…attach it to your house, a deck post or add post(s) to your landscape just to accommodate it.  You could create a “room”  in your landscape for dining, or line a pathway.  Simply grand!


Mirrored Top Table Collection


This is a new introduction by CTH.  Mirrored top, with a uniquely shaped leg.  Of course, you wouldn’t buy them as a set, pick one as an accent.  They have the perfect balance of curve and yet a crispness about them too.



A grouping of framed intaglios.  This is another manner of really making a statement.  Put these in a random pattern up a set of stairs, or down a long hallway.  If your kitchen cabinets don’t go to the ceiling and you have that dead space, line these up beautifully across the tops.  Lovely!!


Tribeca Wood Jar with White Finial Lid (6)

This set of Tribeca Wood Jars with White Finials, oh my gosh, they’re simply elegant, I absolutely love the lines.  The large one stands 7” x 19.25” high, medium 6” x 15.75” high and the small 4.75” x 12.75” high. 


Antoinette Glass Picture Frame


Because I can’t resist anything pink.  Ok actually, pink, apple green, turquoise, coral ~ I can’t resist those either!!


Glass and Brass End Table (8)

This glass top table caught my eye, one because of its great lines and two because of its reasonable price.  The dimensions are 26w 26h 18d.


Small Glass Front Cabinet


While I wasn’t  crazy about the finish on this glass front cabinet it does come in a less distressed finish and multiple colors, that I do like.  I thought this would be perfect not only in the bathroom, but in a kitchen or dining room where space is limited but a little extra storage is needed plus a great display.  Stacking similar dishes or glass ware would look beautiful.  Could be used in a child’s room to display dolls, car collections, rocks, you name it.


Triumphe Metal Oblong Pillar Tray and Five Arm Pillar Holder


These looked wonderful for two reasons, one, since we are nearing the season of outdoor dining here in Michigan my thoughts go directly to accessorizing the patio and two, I can’t resist candle light.  Obviously these are beautiful for inside as well.

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