Instinctive Interiors featured in Detroit’s Styleline Magazine

A lovely client of mine was kind enough to allow me and a team of photographers to invade her home for a day to take photographs for the June issue of Styleline magazine.

Jeanine Matlow took my rambling interview (you know us designers, once we start talking about style and design we just can’t stop) and turned it into a very accurate and gracious description of the interior styling and how I strive for a balance of curve and a place to rest your eye, so that one can appreciate each unique piece in the room.  

Here is the link to the article and below I’ve posted a few pictures that weren’t published.  By the way, these are my pictures not be to be confused with the fabulous pictures taken by Gene Meadows of Meadows and Co. Photography check out his site here.


Powder Room Powder Room

 Kitchen II Kitchen

Living room I

Living Room

Living Room Table

Living Room Table

A big thank you to my wonderful client, the fantastic writer Jeanine Matlow, Gene Meadows for his expert photography and Styleline Magazine.

Outdoor Fabric used for Indoors

I’ve been mentioning this quite often lately to clients; the benefit of using outdoor fabric as your  indoor fabric.  Not all that long ago outdoor fabrics were stiff, weird colors with odd patterns, but now outdoor fabric has come a very long way in terms of patterns, colors but mostly in softness, texture and weave.  Most people are unaware that there exists a whole new world of  outdoor fabrics, such as,velvets and silk, yes, velvets and silks, all from 100% solution dyed acrylic.  Imagine the possibilities of a fabric that looks like silk but doesn’t fade…indoor draperies, outdoor draperies, bedding, dining chairs, shower curtains, place mats, truly if you can imagine it, it can be done.  Do you realize that this means a white upholstered sofa is no longer off limits if you have young children, teens, pets or a messy husband.  Seriously you can have a white sofa and serve red wine with no worries!

Below is a very small sampling  just to pique your awareness of what is available.  Hard to believe, I know, but in most cases you really can’t tell the difference in feel between a cotton indoor velvet and the acrylic outdoor velvet; likewise with chenilles and twills.  Ok, I admit it’s hard to duplicate a beautiful silk, however, you’d be very surprised at how similar it looks.   Check ‘em out.


  Soleil Velvet in Charcoal 100% Sunbrella Acrylic

Soleil Velvet in Cocoa 100% Sunbrella Acrylic

Soleil Velvet in Sage 100% Sunbrella Acrylic

Trax Salt 100% Sunbrella Acrylic

Daydream White 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic


Super Paradise Print Schumacher Fabric

Super Paradise in Punch by Trina Turk for F. Schumacher

Arches Print Schumacher Fabric

Arches in Orange Trina Turk for F. Schumacher

Super Paradise Print Schumacher Fabric

Super Paradise in Punch by Trina Turk forF. Schumacher

Tangier Frame Print Schumacher Fabric

Tangier Framed Print in Driftwood by Trina Turk for F. Schumacher

Ankara Schumacher Fabric

Ankara in Kiwi from F. Schumacher

Shibori – Sea Urchin from Perennials Fabric

Slubby – Peacock from Perennials Fabric

Madagascar Chenille Schumacher Fabric

Madagascar Chenille in Rattan from F. Schumacher

Outside the Box – Slate from Perennials Fabric

Ripples – Nantucket from Perennials Fabric

Nubby – Spa Blue from Perennials Fabric

Just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s available. Aren't they fantastic!!

THE LIST #6 Single Cushion Sofas

I adore single cushion sofas, recently I had my 2 over 2 seat sofa converted to a single cushion.  I added new pillows; see my choices from a previous post here.  I’ve included some of my other favorites. 


my sofa

You’ll notice if you click back to the previous post that I didn’t do a pillow in the Manual Canovas Byzance in Quartz.  I ordered it with the intention of making pillows it and they were so kind to send me a little extra yardage that I ended up covering a chair on the seat and inside back as shown here. 

Chair in Byzance in Quartz           back of chair

Inside: Manuel Canovas Byzance in Quartz     Outside: Chevron Bar Silk in Blossom

Sutton Sofa by Hickory Chair


Salon French Settee by Hickory Chair


Silhouettes  Serpentine Sofa by Hickory Chair

London Sofa

London Sofa


Sherrill 5259

5259 by Sherrill Upholstery


Sherrill 5260 

5260 by Sherrill Upholstery

DC 44

Dan Carithers for Sherrill Upholstery

Elinor Sofa by Hickory Chair

Spring 2011 High Point Market Finds

Here’s my top ten Spring 2011 High Point, North Carolina Market Finds.  It’s a mixture of furniture, art, and accessories selected for various reasons.    Take a look…

Iron Finial


Metal Finial that stands 38” high  16” wide and 16”deep which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  A fantastic accent in the garden, flanking the front entry on a pedestal or a pair on top of a bookcase.  A spectacular statement piece.


Slipper Chair(2)

Slipper Chair which comes covered in a natural linen as shown.  The dimensions of the chair are 26w 31h  25d.  Perfect accent for a bathroom, in the bedroom, closet, or a pair in front of a fireplace.  I especially liked the scale, the feminine lines with a little sexiness.  Reasonably priced too.

Triumphe Metal Outdoor Hanging Lantern with Wall Mount


An elegant outdoor lantern, what else is there to say…attach it to your house, a deck post or add post(s) to your landscape just to accommodate it.  You could create a “room”  in your landscape for dining, or line a pathway.  Simply grand!


Mirrored Top Table Collection


This is a new introduction by CTH.  Mirrored top, with a uniquely shaped leg.  Of course, you wouldn’t buy them as a set, pick one as an accent.  They have the perfect balance of curve and yet a crispness about them too.



A grouping of framed intaglios.  This is another manner of really making a statement.  Put these in a random pattern up a set of stairs, or down a long hallway.  If your kitchen cabinets don’t go to the ceiling and you have that dead space, line these up beautifully across the tops.  Lovely!!


Tribeca Wood Jar with White Finial Lid (6)

This set of Tribeca Wood Jars with White Finials, oh my gosh, they’re simply elegant, I absolutely love the lines.  The large one stands 7” x 19.25” high, medium 6” x 15.75” high and the small 4.75” x 12.75” high. 


Antoinette Glass Picture Frame


Because I can’t resist anything pink.  Ok actually, pink, apple green, turquoise, coral ~ I can’t resist those either!!


Glass and Brass End Table (8)

This glass top table caught my eye, one because of its great lines and two because of its reasonable price.  The dimensions are 26w 26h 18d.


Small Glass Front Cabinet


While I wasn’t  crazy about the finish on this glass front cabinet it does come in a less distressed finish and multiple colors, that I do like.  I thought this would be perfect not only in the bathroom, but in a kitchen or dining room where space is limited but a little extra storage is needed plus a great display.  Stacking similar dishes or glass ware would look beautiful.  Could be used in a child’s room to display dolls, car collections, rocks, you name it.


Triumphe Metal Oblong Pillar Tray and Five Arm Pillar Holder


These looked wonderful for two reasons, one, since we are nearing the season of outdoor dining here in Michigan my thoughts go directly to accessorizing the patio and two, I can’t resist candle light.  Obviously these are beautiful for inside as well.

Window Treatments

One of my favorite elements of the design process that I enjoy are window treatments, they have tremendous impact to the design scheme, depending on the room they can create softness, warmth, drama, color, texture, make the window appear larger, separate a room, light and temperature control, privacy what ever look is desired there exists a treatment for it. This is the first official post to my entries called Window Treatments. Periodically, I will post pictures of treatments that I’ve designed or am in the process of designing for clients. For the first entry I’m going to keep it simple, future posts will include my thoughts on fabrics, lining, interlining, trim, hardware, blinds, shutters, sheers and anything that relates to windows (and maybe a pillow or two).

This soft feminine tailored balloon shade is installed over a sunken tub. The combination of plantation shutters with the non functioning balloon shade provides the client with privacy, daylight control and prettiness.


Face Fabric: Designer Silk – Cameo Pink

Trim: Kravet T30406-717 Dragon Fly Bead Fringe in Blush

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THE LIST ~ #5 Ottomans

Whenever I work with a client on designing their main hang out and relax area of their home, whether it be a hearthside room, family room, cozy den or theatre room I insist on a seating arrangement that is accompanied by a something to put their feet up on.  I’ve never met anyone who lounges and relaxes by sitting straight up in a chair or on a sofa.  Everyone likes to lean back and put their feet up.  Here are some of my favorite and most stylish ottomans that you can put your feet up on and they also serve a dual purpose as a coffee table. 


5410_30_Alex Cocktail Ottoman

Alex Cocktail Ottoman – Hickory Chair

This one is fantastic because you can also add this optional wood tray.  Hickory Chair will also customize the size of the ottoman in their made to measure program, see below  (note the tray only comes in one size that fits the above ottoman).  This is very sharp done in leather with nail head trim. 

5410_53 made to measure Alex Ottoman – Made to Measure by Hickory Chair

This next ottoman is also by Hickory Chair and is another highly function piece.  It has a tufted top that opens to reveal 2 serving trays and deep storage.  Its available with a bun or tapered foot.  I actually own this piece and have it in my lower level – its one of my favorite pieces in the house.  


5704_29 Tapered closed5704_29_OPEN with tapered feet

Wyland Ottoman with tapered leg – Hickory Chair

5703_29 Wyland Storage OttomanWyland ottoman with bun foot – Hickory Chair 




I include this one because its large 42” x 31 and has a very reasonable price point. The only thing that is customizable is the fabric, we can put any fabric on it but the finish is as is.  Unless of course you’re a DIYer then, as you wish.

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B819 barbegat Ottoman

Barbegat and Berkshire Ottoman



The above a classic, tailored and proof that there are great options in many sizes.

2808_30 Rolland Ottoman

Rolland Ottoman – Hickory Chair

Clean and simple, this ottoman is perfect for the client that wants straighter lines and less tradition. 

7617_29 Egg Ottoman Skirted 

Egg Ottoman – Hickory Chair

The wonderful thing about the egg ottoman is that it can be dressed with contrast welts, braids and multiple fabrics to create a look that is unique or kept simple as shown above.

These pieces are all so inspiring that you could design a room around them.  So the next time you’re pondering your lounging space don’t forget a place to put your feet up.

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